Beluva – Fall 2015

Beluva - Fall 2015

Beluva shirts are perfect for Holiday parties, travel & casual wear. Permanently pleated, easy to wash they always look fresh & happy.

Xiao Clothing – Fall 2015

Xiao clothing is uniquely beautiful. When you wear Xiao you can be confident that people will take notice and comment on your style. The cotton/spandex stretch fabrics fit and flatter and are designed for comfort and style. Equally suitable for casual, work or special occasions. Wrinkle-free.

Welcome to Artifax!

Artifax Art to Wear Clothing

Art-to-Wear Artifax specializes in creative and custom women’s clothing and accessories. We offer an eclectic mix of artisan designs that incorporate unusual dying and weaving techniques as well as original styling. We love color and rich, bold design.