Mieko Mintz

Mieko Mintz Kantha, silk & cotton jackets, dresses, tops pants

These exceptional garments are arranged with patchwork panels. Variation can be made in color and pattern. There are two types of patchwork material produced for these designs. One is ‘surface patchwork’ where pieces of material are layered with whole other saris and Kantha. Another is made of independent pieces left over from other garments. While the cut of the garments is repeated, each has a different layout of fabric, so no two are identical. All details such as the outside edging are stitched by hand. Each item is reversible, doubling your wearing option. The fit of these unique pieces is remarkably suitable for countless figures.

 Kantha literally means “quilt of recycled cotton” joined by a simple running stitch. This produces a wonderful rippled effect.

 This Kantha cloth also has a magical purpose and is often displayed at Indian shrines or tied to trees. Folk belief says Kantha is used to symbolize prayers and ward off the “evil eye”. Traditionally, Kantha are supposed to keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity.